Client Testimonials

On Feeling Comfortable and Finding Back Pain Relief:


“I had never had a professional massage before and was nervous that even if I said that I had some fairly intense and chronic back pain, that I would still be hurt. Mia took the time to ask me what type of touch was comfortable for me and what areas I didn’t want to have touched. I felt so comfortable. Mia really worked to incorporate my feedback as we went along, offering gentle encouragement to help you relax along the way. I loved the reminders to keep attention on my breath and myself.”
– Kayte H. (Pasadena, CA)

On Feeling Invigorated and 1000x Better:


“Mia is an amazing therapist! She was detailed in her approach to gathering information about my particular needs and then thoughtfully applied the information I gave her. The result was a relaxing, therapeutic massage that left me feeling invigorated and 1000x better than when I arrived. I am mid-way through treatment for breast cancer, so needless to say I have a few aches and pains and general discomfort. Mia accommodated my request not to lay on my stomach and found a table set-up and positions that allowed me to relax and get the maximum benefit from her work.” – Elicia R. (Los Angeles, CA)

On Chronic Upper Back and Neck Pain Relief:


“I’ve been seeing Mia weekly for 90 mins of deep tissue massage for several months. Regular bodywork is my treatment of choice for chronic upper back and neck pain and Mia is my chosen practitioner. Mia is warm, attuned, and skillful. I especially love the myofascial release and aromatherapy she integrates into the session. While there are specific things I need to manage my pain, Mia always checks in and tailors her approach to what my body needs. Mia is quite knowledgeable, reliable,and works out of a beautiful space. I am a clinical psychologist and Reiki master and believe regular massage is one of the most grounding, healing practices available. I am grateful to have found Mia. I highly recommend her.”
– Wendy L. (LaCrescenta, CA)

On Easing 3rd-Trimester Discomforts and Healing from within:


“Being pregnant, my sacrum seems to always be sore and out of alignment. Mia’s massage is wonderful and able to relax musculature, ease pain and restore alignment.  Also, I find that she is very capable of finding areas where I’m particularly sensitive and am storing stress. Her massage is very good at releasing these stress spots and allowing for 3rd-trimester discomforts to ease and many have been avoided due in large part to the massage allowing my body to release stress and heal from within. – Danielle S. (South Pasadena, CA)

On Finding Stress Relief through Fearless Deep Work:


“What sets Mia apart from other massage therapists I’ve visited is her ability to really listen to both my words and my body. From the very first massage, Mia took me at my word and worked out the knots and kinks efficiently and fearlessly. Most impressive to me though, is that she seems to explore my body for the first few minutes and then without direction from me, focus in on just where I need the most work. Wonderful.” – Nancy F. (Glendale, CA)

On Gaining Energy and Feeling Better:


“Mia’s knowledge, mix of techniques, and incredible energy mixed with a fabulous intuition makes her an amazing healer.  I know she will address what is most important and she listens well and matches her client’s needs with her packages. I have gained energy, felt so much better and have been able to ride my bike and swim and do pull-ups again.” – Stef C. (Altadena, CA)

On Gaining Neck Movement Again:


“Mia listens and asks what’s new. I get the feeling she strongly believes everything is connected to how the body is affected by life. Of course, her professionalism and knowledge are excellent.  I have noticeable results from her massages. When I came to Mia I could barely move my neck. That has been better ever since! I can tell she wants to grow in her work, telling me she’s interested in it and this gives me confidence in her recommendations.” – Kathy T. (Altadena, CA)

On Restorative and Nurturing Self Care:


“When I lie down on Mia’s massage table, I know that whatever state my body or soul is in, Mia will go straight to where I need it most. She works like a partner to my body – often without any spoken guidance from me. Mia knows just when to massage in one direction or depth and then alternately when to change the direction or flow of her touch. It just feels right when she massages me. She is thorough and instinctive in her work. I feel like I found a treasure in my own backyard of Glendale/Montrose. Since I found Mia 1 1/2 years ago, I haven’t been to another massage therapist. I live a busy, hectic life like most people these days and a visit to Mia is like an oasis, a restorative and nurturing self-care ritual. I couldn’t recommend her more highly. I recently tried a new massage — the shiatsu special and loved it. I normally get the deep tissue but the shiatsu was healing and restorative in a different way. Mia has many skills to offer!” – Cindy C. (Glendale, CA)

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