Death Doula Services


“Dying isn’t something that happens to you.

It’s something you do.


—Stephen Jenkinson


Embrace the journey of living in the present moment and begin with understanding our basic human condition, that death is certain and the time of our death uncertain. Give yourself permission to be both curious and compassionate, fearful and courageous, and restore your agency through education and ritual. Find a way to a more conscious authentic life, in whatever stage you’re in. Let death feed your life.

Finding Support


Are you or a loved one, neighbor, or friend approaching death?


Someone recently received a terminal diagnosis?


Dancing with fear, anxiety, foreign concerns, and tons of new things to understand and decide on?


Wrestling with seeming opposites like fear and courage as you move through this part of life?

Contemplating your mortality and wanting to shift the way you relate to it?


Are you caring for someone in the dying process and in need of emotional and logistical support,

a person to validate and help you navigate your vulnerabilities and strengths?


Having a death doula on your team may be in order. I am here to support you as you transform these specific mental, logistical and emotional realities. Dying is so much more than a medical event. It is a sacred time for everyone. My work serves to fill that gap in care that over-reliance on the medical model of dying has created.


I offer one-on-one sessions, small group and community workshops in an effort to bring the dying process into our lives with the grace and integrity the process of dying warrants. Sessions are in person and online.

Witnessing, Listening and Logistics for the Dying Process


My sessions provide time to navigate your logistics, referrals, needs and experiences with non-biased grounded emotional support so the hard things get done.


It’s helpful to have a neutral person with whom you can think through questions out loud and find solutions.  I provide guidance/education, resources and referrals so we can develop a solid, yet flexible path forward.


Some possible areas we can explore and execute:

  • Guidance on plan of care and resources you may choose
  • Complete and review paperwork (advanced directives etc.)
  • Explore your connections and complete a life review
  • Create a plan for dying (creating sacred space for the process at home or elsewhere)
  • Education on the dying process from months, weeks, days…through time of death
  • Create a meaningful celebration of life and death care plan
  • Emotional and logistical support for family and friends
  • Follow up care for family (death is communal, everyone involved needs care)

Doula Rates


Counseling Sessions:  $150/ hour

Intensive Sessions: Virtual and onsite care visits
$500/4-hours block of time (room for additional hours as needed)


Comprehensive, small group workshops (ideal for individuals and couples) and an expanded service package coming in winter 2023.


Community workshops are also available for exploring how death can feed our daily lives.


Contact me to set up a call and see if we are a good fit »