What to Expect

I bring my full presence to each session

As my client, you can be sure I bring my full presence, paying close attention and listening to you, what you say and what your tissue shares. I create open channels of communication, conduct a thorough assessment and build on our experience when planning for our next session. I am warm, personable, and compassionate. I acknowledge you just as you are through my skilled touch and hope to help you recognize the health and potential you have in this life, this body, today.


our first meeting

I ask that you arrive at least 15 minutes before your first appointment in order to settle in and prepare for your bodywork. Getting to know each other allows us to establish a connection while the information you provide is vital and allows our treatment plan to develop with specificity.
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what to expect of me

• I provide competent, compassionate individualized care at each appointment and refer out when appropriate.
• I provide an atmosphere in which your safety is valued and an open dialogue surrounding your treatment and care is encouraged.
• My practice is client-centered. Trust is paramount in the therapeutic relationship and I intend to build this with you.
• Your privacy and confidentiality are maintained at all times. Personal and professional boundaries are maintained at all times.
• Appointments are confirmed the day before the session.

expectations I can have of my clients

• Clients provide a current health snapshot in order for me to offer the most specific and safe care possible.
• Provide feedback and suggestions so that your treatment and my practice improves.
• Sessions begin and end on time.
• Payment is due at the time of service unless prior arrangements have been made.
• Sexual harassment is never tolerated. If my safety or well being is compromised the session is immediately ended as all sessions are therapeutic and non-sexual in nature.

reschedule policy

I understand that situations arise when it may be necessary for either one of us to be late or reschedule an appointment. In fairness to both of us, I have arrived at the following policy for rescheduling or cancelling your appointment.
• With 24 hours notice–no charge
• With less than 24 hours notice
• 1st time–no charge if you contact me by phone prior to the start of our appointment
• 2nd time– full fee is charged

If you are running late please contact me. I will do my best to accommodate you, however depending on my bookings for the day, your appointment may be cut short accordingly. If an emergency arises and I need to cancel our appointment, I will do so with 24 hours notice whenever possible and I will provide a discount for your next session.

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