Shiatsu – Five Element Style Bodywork

Shiatsu is wonderful for stress, pain, and headache relief, and improves sleep while reducing physical and mental stagnation in the body. Shiatsu restores, maintains and stimulates your Qi, or life force and energy flow. Five Element Style is a Japanese form of bodywork that adheres to the major meridians or pathways that acupunturists follow for treatment. The idea is essentially that our experiences, how we behave, think, and feel are heavily determined by our degree of balance or flow along these pathways.

  • The hands on portion begins with a hara reading (abdominal palpation), and continues with palming, thumbing and stretching of targeted areas to elicit overall energetic harmony.
  • Sessions happen on low table (mat work is great too!), wearing loose clothes and socks.
  • Those with low energy often benefit from a more active, energizing session while those who have difficulty relaxing feel relief from work that has a slow, lengthening quality.

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