Metta In May



Hi my friends.

Metta is the practice of loving kindness, both sending and receiving this gift.
Last April I decided I’d give this a try for the month of May. I recall the physical calm, a sense of freedom in my mind, and most profound was the warmth and openness happening in my heart.
The heart is the seat of our greatest understanding of how we co-create by accepting and allowing, softening and expanding.
Our inner speech, I believe,calls events into existence and shapes our experience of life.

Let our words be loving.

Why not take a little time each day to experiment, connect with and repeat your deepest hearts desires for yourself and others by practicing Metta in May with me?

Here’s how:

Get into a comfortable position (if early morning, maybe begin before you get out of bed) and smile.

Bring your attention to your breathing.
Take 2-3 deep breaths, focusing on the chest area, centering sensation on the heart.

Have a few phrases/intentions of loving kindness in mind and repeat them slow and steady to yourself. Sink into the intentions these words express and allow the sound and feelings to wash over you and warm your heart. Enjoy how this feels and stay with it for a bit.

Next move onto sharing these intentions with a friend or someone who has cared for you. Again, allow the warmth and connection you feel to grow as you sink into what these simple loving thoughts mean for us and how they feel.

You can then expand out to others, animals, and finally someone you have difficulty with.
Sometimes during this meditation you can feel anger, sadness or grief. Take these as signs that your heart is softening and simply invite patience and acceptance for these feelings.
Direct this same loving kindness to those feelings. There is no need for judgement, simply to reveal the love and kindness in your heart.

If you have been into my studio recently you would have noticed my metta intentions on the wall of my treatment room.

May you be happy
May you be healthy
May you be at ease
May you be free from suffering in your relationships
May you be free from suffering

You are welcome to adopt any or all of these for your practice or make up your own. Most important that you are saying what you feel.

I like the suggestion that we use this practice as a vehicle; a bit of emotional travel, a mode of transport, movement towards the hub of where our truth resides.

It’s a beautiful way to slow down time and feel your beating heart.


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