Being a patient patient


Recently I discovered two life altering incredible projects, a medical research one and a documentary film that together, just might change diabetes care for good! I will attach the link below so you can watch the trailer for yourself. It’s called Patient 13 and it’s chronicling a huge advance in public health care.

I am completely enamored with this for several reasons and want to gather excitement from any other interested corner of existence that I can!

1. I have lived with type 1 diabetes for almost 25 years and would love to see a cure for myself and the millions of others who live with it.
2. An amazing persistence permeates any search for a cure and giving up is not an option. We forget this important mindset in our affairs and it causes us a great deal of suffering.
3. I like to image what the world would be like if time weren’t spent “managing” dis-ease but exploring our vitality and putting our attention to being well. While aging and death are inevitable the journey of life can be easier!
4. This is a caution for complacency. I have lived well enough with my disease while many others have not. I don’t suffer at this time from complications from my disease but many do and it’s literally killing them. A cure is crucial. Today.
5. I have reached out to the director and gotten directly involved in the promotion of this game changing documentary.
6. I now get to invite others to get involved!

I write about this today because I am feeling courageous and wanting to think bigger. I have been a patient patient and so have millions of others.

When I think about how this might completely change the lives of millions of people, its very easy to get into action and give my energy to this. It’s a total no brainer. What’s the cost (literally dollars and quality of life) of not advancing our care?

Life is short and we have the capacity to impact so many just by getting up, suiting up, showing up and getting involved.

I ask you to take this same vigor into your day and take courageous action on those things that move you.
Dont wait.

Call me if you want to know more…….

With love and health on my mind!

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