Universal needs….we got em



Several months ago I found a document that listed a slew of universal needs we have and was pretty interested in the descriptions of each. Some are more obvious than others, but the 4 I have listed below seem especially interesting to me and so I thought I would share the verbiage with you. We each have our life experiences and semantics to narrate the meanings and associations we have with these broad human social needs. The last 2 caught my attention and reminded me of the work I do. I began to think about how we commune with ourselves when we settle into the massage table for some needed bodywork and actually begin to actively (with the breath especially) invite muscular ease and inspiration into our stressed out frames….we literally ignite our own peace of mind and body by the very act of receiving therapeutic touch. Communing with our incredible natural environment furthers this appreciation of our internal and the earth’s external beauty. We also address our need for physical health when we receive another’s skilled touch and in turn sleep and eat with a greater sense of what it is we need to refuel and refresh ourselves. Just take a moment to let these words wash over you, trickle into your head and disperse into your tissues…….sometimes its the words alone that can serve you, other times they do a wonderful job of pointing us towards action that leads to a stronger sense of well being.



authenticity, integrity and presence



joy and humor



beauty, communion, ease, equality, harmony, inspiration and order


physical well being

air, food, movement/exercise, rest/sleep,sexual expression, safety, shelter, touch and water


Enjoy yourself and be good to yourself right now.
Thank you, Mia

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