Mia’s manual labor – driving ahead… what do I see?



So as an Aries, planetarily speaking, I am supposed to be visionary or a pioneer of sorts. A little contemplation and dreaming is in order as I attempt to find my vision for my labor. Instead of allowing our current collective economic instabilities to dominate my feelings and fears (which is known to happen with too much NRP in the car) I will give my trajectory a more exploratory and experimental bent.

A few weeks back I was wondering quietly to myself how I could sort of rise above all the news and my growing consciousness that manual labor in general is dying in the country whether through automation or the mass exporting of jobs to the lowest bidder elsewhere. It was quickly obvious to me in response to these realities that my labor can’t be shipped overseas, unless I decide to travel somewhere else and share it there! I carry my skilled touch with me wherever I go, period. I have stopped when this thought would settle into my head and try and conjure up what that might mean for me. I felt this fact was significant, almost tangible to me anyway.


It doesn’t provide much financial security, unfortunately, since my industry, while the practice is old as human society, is still seen as a luxury item that quickly gets cut from the budget the minute things get tight and more so when economic conditions stay depressed, year after year. I actually entered the field right when things took a sharp dip and collapse a few years back.


So, how do I take this background information and foster my creative vision? I ask this as I am sure many other folks out there are trying to nail down some operational principles to realize their own contributions.


I see myself as someone very eager and capable of carrying on the work of pioneers in the field who have rightfully couched their therapeutic practice in our emerging model of holistic healthcare, not a luxury but a manual therapy supporting both very broad and specific conditions. I will enter the teaching field directly in time to share in the classroom and will see each client I work with as someone who might benefit from my perspective, offering positive encouragement alongside my technical soft tissue manipulation skills. I will continue to work towards building a thriving practice that is based on sharing what I am learning about our bodies and how we can best care for them. A couple other points to keep in mind:


step 1

Pace yourself. Know that steady engagement with others, outreach and education to move the industry forward will provide nourishment for those seeds you are broadcasting today.


step 2

Build up your own immunity by continuing to honor your own gifts, never allowing external factors to creep in and smear your reputation you have with yourself.


step 3

Trust yourself and others. Trust builds trust. Getting burned never scared this fire sign!!!!


step 4

Return again and again to a state of grace that only comes from accepting things just as they are. Take action each day to promote your practice, but always give up that heady resistance and concluding that shuts things down inside.


step 5

Allow yourself to have a truly unarmed heart as you wander through time making connections and building up your clientele.


Maintaining a curiosity and truly experiential attitude toward my current career venture requires a softening, an alertness, a vigilance and responsiveness, a watchful eye….all directed back at me as I narrate and create Somatic Space.

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