Somatic Space suggests a moment when we come to orient ourselves to the tactile nature of life

inviting us to become still in our frame, yet alert and receptive to all we are.

Mission & Philosophy

As a therapeutic bodyworker, I labor out of a deep and curious reverence for our shared human condition. Part of that shared human condition is marked by our experience of pain and suffering, creating unique holding patterns and eventual dis-ease in our bodies.

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Who I Serve

I provide tailored, hands on sessions for people in all stages of life, with particular interest in serving those with cancer or a history of cancer.

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Studio Hours & Location


Monday 3:30-8:30

Tuesday 3:30-8:30

Thursday 3:30-8:30

Saturday 12:30-5:30


969 East Mount Curve Ave

Altadena, CA 91001



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