Mission & Philosophy

As a therapeutic bodyworker, I labor out of a deep and curious reverence for our shared human condition. Part of that shared human condition is marked by our experience of pain and suffering, creating unique holding patterns and eventual dis-ease in our bodies.


While our genetics and constitution determine some of the disharmony, we are becoming more aware of the impact our lifestyle and state of mind has on our health. When we harbor resistance, be it mental, emotional or physical, stagnation occurs, the body as a whole contracts and our free flow of life energy is greatly restricted.


Focused bodywork brings compassion for oneself to the foreground, (a crucial ingredient in our personal and social healthcare!) allowing you room to clear, reclaim and take fresh interest and responsibility for your inner space.


In session, together, with your attention and my skilled, structured touch you begin to harmonize body and mind. You become alert, yet soft while your tissue becomes responsive and lengthened. Your vibrational energy strengthens as your mind and body communicate and integrate.


The sustained, tactile nature of massage grounds you, puts you in your skin encouraging new interest in your well being. This is often why we turn to manual medicine. Slowing down to receive awakens your cells and chemistry, kickstarting a more orchestrated and sustained flow of energy.


Be vigilant, yet very soft. Dissolve the past with each breath. Be curious, courageous and be well.


Make space the object, not the background. This what Somatic Space means to me.

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