Water is always underfoot… stay cool and patient my friends



As summer starts crackin its firey whip, it’s important not to let the heat cook our insides. I happen to love that exhausted feeling of being out in the sun too long but of course a cool dip in a pool or the ocean takes that dry heat to a whole new fresh feel once you are cooling off. I am an Aries and true to name often get fired up, ahead of myself and impatient with things. I often don’t see it coming and since my fuse can be rather tethered and short I get wind of it as I am blowing my flames. I often forget that my body, me, the stuff I am made of needs water and more than 1/2 my body weight (various %’s are quoted) is made up of this incredible stuff or that most of our planet is water full. Both inside our skin and everywhere outside it, there is always something a little cooler under foot that we can access to chill us out. Just now I was doing a little research for a client I will see this afternoon and ran across this wonderful quote that invites a bigger, cooler view of the ground we walk on each day.


From Jane Smiley, author of A Thousand Acres:


I was always aware, I think of the water in the soil, the way it travels from particle to particle, molecules adhering, clustering, evaporating, heating, cooling, freezing, rising upward to the surface and fogging the cool air or sinking it downward, dissolving this nutrient and that, quick in everything it does, endlessly working and flowing, a river sometimes, a lake sometimes.


When I was very young, I imagined it ready at any time to rise and cover the earth again….the sea is still beneath the feet, and we walk on it.

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